Stressing the next generation

Econimic-club-canada.pngIn November 2015, the founder of the Citizen Empowerment Project, Jamil Jivani, participated in the Economic Club of Canada's 4th Annual Energy Summit in Calgary. Jamil discussed the Future of Canada's Oil Sands and what he has learned from participating in the Toronto-based speakers series. The Oil Sands Review summarized Jamil's comments in an article titled "Stressing the next generation."

An excerpt from the Oil Sands Review:

Jamil Jivani told a recent Economic Club of Canada energy conference that youth want to know how energy companies are working on environmentally friendly energy solutions. “The reality is [that] on university campuses, that is not what people are hearing when we are talking about fossil fuel production.”

Young Canadians are hungry for economic opportunity, noted Jivani, and they are looking for their “first break and first job” in order to demonstrate their capabilities and make contributions to the economy. However, he added, youth are managing that desire for opportunity with various concerns about climate change, considering the social responsibility priorities of the various companies for which they might seek employment.


According to Jivani, Alberta could have its own version of Austin, Kitchener-Waterloo or Silicon Valley—a place where young people see themselves wanting to build a life and career, as well as a place that attracts resources where they can dedicate time, energy, creativity and intelligence to developing new ideas to try to solve problems with which society is wrestling. To this end, he said engagement with post-secondary institutions is imperative.


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