Body Worn Cameras Could Stop Toronto Police From Being Racist

By Abdi Hersi, The Huffington Post, March 11, 2014   This past fall I was carded by a Toronto police officer near my own neighbourhood. It wasn't my first time being carded, but this time was different. This time I was fed up because I had learned about these issues as part of a grassroots organization, the Policing Literacy Initiative, and I knew my city deserved better... Read More

Not Happy with the Police? Try talking to them.

By: Jamil Jivani, National Post, February 6, 2014          While many activists and community groups turn to human rights complaints or class action suits to demand changes to policing in Toronto and other large Canadian cities, there are other options. One path, for instance, is mediated conversations between officers and the people who complain about them. My own experience, I believe, provides a positive case  Read More

What We Can Learn from Policing and Public Safety in Toronto

After recent tragic events in New York City and Ferguson, MO, we put together a team to look at the current state of policing in Toronto. This document explores what other cities can learn from Toronto, as well as ways that Toronto can improve its public safety policies.   You can download the PDF here: PLI – What We Can Learn from Policing and Public Safety in Toronto (Feb 2015).