Leadership Initiative


The success of #JaneAndFinchVotes in the 2015 Federal Election has inspired our team to continue working in between elections to increase civic engagement and democratic participation among youth, newcomers and low-income families. In keeping with the spirit of our goal to build the capacity of local leadership in underrepresented communities, in early 2016 we launched the #JaneAndFinchVotes Leadership Initiative with the support of the Laidlaw Foundation.

The Leadership Initiative introduces political education and leadership development to programs serving youth in underrepresented communities. This initiative provides youth-serving organizations with modules that can be easily integrated into other programs predominantly focused on sports, arts or other activities. Modules will be connected as part of a 12-week initiative that includes 6 group discussions and 6 research assignments. After completing the initiative, youth will have an increased understanding of Canadian democracy, government, community organizing and advocacy.

Youth who participate in the Leadership Initiative will be considered for the role of #JaneAndFinchVotes Youth Ambassadors, who will work to encourage other youth to participate in the Leadership Initiative and deliver presentations about civic engagement and democratic participation in their communities.

If you or your organization are interested in participating in the #JaneAndFinchVotes leadership initiative, please contact us at team@citizenempowerment.ca


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