Getting the vote out in Humber River-Black Creek

  Jamil Jivani has been canvassing in the riding of Humber River-Black-Creek since the election campaign began. He's not supporting any particular candidate. Instead, he's reminding people to go the polls. ​The Brampton native told Metro Morning on Monday that he was drawn to that community because it has one of the lowest voter turnout rates of any riding in the GTA.  The visiting professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, started a voter engagement campaign, #JaneAndFinchVotes that he hoped will change voter turnout for elections to come....   Continue reading at   Photo Credit:

Democracy From The Ground Up

Leading up to the 2015 Federal Election CBC's Metro Morning radio show featured a weekly series about #JaneAndFinchVotes called "Democracy From The Ground Up." This series was produced by CBC's Mary Wiens and looked at the election from a diverse range of perspectives in the riding of Humber River-Black Creek. You can find links to each episode of the series below. Continue reading

Osgoode Law School class targets low voter turnout in Jane and Finch

  When Kyle Elliott enrolled in his third year of law school this fall, he was excited about finally getting a break from the hours he spends in front of a mountain of law textbooks or in classrooms listening to lectures that never seem to end. Instead of the typical work long associated with graduate school, Elliott’s professor Jamil Jivani has enlisted his Osgoode Law School students to spend the semester knocking on doors and approaching strangers on street corners...     Continue reading at   Photo Credit: Toronto Star

Jane-Finch's 1 Percent Solution

Huge speakers boom Bob Marley’s Exodus through the open front doors of Driftwood Community Centre. The smell of barbecue chicken wafts heavily over the crisp autumnal air. A children’s jumping castle is getting a fierce workout. It’s a bright Saturday afternoon at Jane and Finch. And in the middle of this busy street festival, Jamil Jivani is assembling his team of canvassers for a mission. There are people in the neighbourhood’s towers and townhouses who have no intention of voting in the upcoming federal election. Jivani and his team want to change their minds...     Continue reading at   Photo Credit:

Law professor gives away 300 turkeys to encourage voting

  Toronto's riding of Humber River-Black Creek has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the country, with just about 48 per cent of eligible citizens checking off their ballots in the last two federal elections. But Osgoode Hall Law School professor Jamil Jivani is hoping to change that. This weekend, Jivani, 27, and his students held an elections information session, and sweetened the pot by offering free turkeys to attendees...   Read More at   Photo Credit: